Customised programmes for ambitious student interns who are looking for an ideal transition from studies to career and want to build an effective professional network.


Alternative strategies within our network for highly motivated early stage professionals who wish to give a boost to their personal development and career.


Customised support for concerned line managers who wish to play a key role in the recruitment, training and retention of (soon-to-be) top professionals.  

The Hague Executive Campus

The Hague Executive Campus (THEC) is specialised in accelerating professional and personal development of (soon-to-be) professionals through developing, accrediting and delivering customised hands-on study programmes for participating organisations. THEC actively collaborates with universities of applied sciences as well as research universities to assist ambitious students in developing their skills in a targeted manner during and after their studies.

We believe in diplomas, but more than that, we believe in the transfer of knowledge and strong (inter)personal skills that can be directly applied in practice. This is the reason why only specialists with a proven track record in their field teach on our programmes. Thanks to this, our students get not only a massive head start on the job market, but also a strong network.

Our clients are institutional market participants looking for highly motivated talents who want to use their potential to the full. The direct involvement of line management of the client organisations can be observed at every stage of the programme. The line management is actively involved as far as both the content of the programme and the students’ progress is concerned.


Oedith Jaharia

Programme Director
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Barbara van Wegen

Project manager
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Sjon de Waal

Product advisor
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The Hague Executive Campus

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